"Jekabpils PMK", Ltd.

"Jekabpils PMK", Ltd.

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  • Technical director +371 29285157
    Technical director, ph./fax +371 65237890
    Director, ph./fax +371 65237891
    Marketing Department Manager +371 29459348
    Purchasing manager +371 26139220
    Concrete-mortar factory, well lining ring production plant +371 29401459
    Concrete-mortar factory, well lining ring production plant +371 65223999
    Secretary-clerk +371 65221485
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    • Mon800-1700
    • Tue800-1700
    • Wed800-1700
    • Thu800-1700
    • Fri800-1700
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    Ready-mixed concrete, Pavement, Well lining rings.
    Construction assembly works. External engineering network construction.
    Building construction and renovation. Water supply and sewer system
    construction. Construction works. Heating and ventilation system construction.
    River hydraulic structure construction. Road and square construction.
    Construction supervision. Concrete, mortar factory, concrete ring factory.
    Concrete, concrete delivery, bringing. Ready-mixed concrete. Well,
    drainage curbs, (curb). Reinforced concrete structures. Ready mixed
    concrete. Concrete pavement. Construction materials. Road works, repair.
    Pavement manufacturing, trade. Foundation blocks, construction blocks.
    Pavement, (pavement) production, cobblestone. Road curbs, edges, curbs,
    garden curbs, sidewalk, (sidewalk, sidewalks) curbs. Construction equipment
    rental, (rent) -autocranes, car baskets, compressors. Construction
    machinery and transport services. Construction equipment, (construction
    equipment) rental. Construction material production. Wholesale of construction